Joints East Coast Sour Diesel (403R-00344)

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Genetics: Original Diesel x DNL – Dominant Terpenes: Limonene 0.50%, Caryophyllene 0.40%, Myrcene 0.30%, Linalool 0.20%. Aroma & Effect: Diesel, Lemon, Hops, Cinnamon. Excited, Racy, Buzzy, Motivating.

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Black Label: 1 Gram $9, 1/8th $30, $60, Ounce $110, One Ounce $150 –Featured Label: 1 Gram $14, 1/8th $40, Ounce $80, Ounce $144, One Ounce $224 – Premium Label: 1/8th $50, Ounce $100, Ounce $170, One Ounce $240 – 1 Gram Joints/Prerolls: 1 for $9, 2 for $16, 4 for $28, 7 for $40 – .5 Gram Joints/Prerolls: $5 each – *Prices displayed at online checkout are estimates only and may appear higher than the price you will pay at pickup. *All prices include tax. *If you mix and match between flower labels the price will fluctuate, but will still apply cumulative discounts at pickup. *Standard Sales limits apply. 28 grams or the equivalent thereof, per person, per day.

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