RippleRipple – Balanced 1:1 5mg 10 pack

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Each perfectly precise packet of Ripple – Balanced 5 contains 5mg of cold-water-soluble CBD and 5mg of cold-water-soluble THC. Use it to infuse ANY liquid (beverage, soup, use your imagination!) with no oil slicks, no calories, and no green taste. Or channel your inner baker and add Ripple to your favorite recipe. If the dosage isn’t enough, use two packets or more to make your perfect edible. Ripple is your product for choice!All Ripple’ products are produced using carefully purified distillates. Distillates are essentially the cleanest form of extract oil, with all impurities, plant material, and flavor agents removed, and only the desired cannabinoids remaining. Our THC distillate provides a reliably smooth, functional, and clear-headed effect, no couch lock or paranoia here. For those looking to live a less stressful life, we believe it’s the best experience there is.Note: 5mg CBD per serving/5mg THC per serving,50mg CBD per package/50mg THC per package, comes in boxes of 10 units.

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