RippleRipple – Gummies Honey Lavendar 5:200 THC/CBD 200mg

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A gummy a day …Ripple Gummies offer you a healthy and natural way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. Made with all-natural fruit juices and colors and low in sugar, these gummies are the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. With three delicious flavors and doses to choose from, your ideal supplement awaits.All Ripple products are made with Ripple. With Ripple, you can feel effects in as little as 15 minutes! Our water-soluble technology allows your body to absorb cannabinoids on contact. The result: a smoother, more consistent experience that’s quick to arrive and slow to depart, with no surprises.10mg CBD per serving / 0.25mg THC per serving, 200mg CBD per package / 5mg THC per package

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